Steam Wandz is an original, animated comedy series about men who prepare delicious coffee beverages while semi-nude.

In this multi-platform, comedic universe, North Snohomish County’s all-male bikini espresso stands compete to be crowned #1 in an alt-weekly readers’ poll.

Based at the Lowland Heights Lifestyle Center, Steam Wandz baristas Kelly O’Toole and Craig Gregory live to make coffee for a community of budtenders, yoga instructors, lecherous English teachers, and sex toy designers–all while scantily clad.

Kelly is the star barista who dreams of one day becoming manager. Manager Craig wants nothing more than to play keyboards for a prog rock band.

Enduring jetpack mishaps, the ridicule of Chicano AM radio DJs, and relentless harassment from teenage girls, Kelly and Craig fight for the glory of being named the top all-male espresso hut in the county.

Bested by phony Australian upstarts Chappuchino’s, Kelly and Craig go all in on a plan that only men with penises barely contained in thongs would be crazy enough to attempt.